Meal Plan Monday

Another Monday here, and sickness has taken over my house! Last weekend we took our oldest to an indoor trampoline type playground for a little play date. Every single time we go there she gets sick 2 days later. Like really sick. The first time we went she was vomiting 2 days later. Last time, high fever and chills. But they just opened a new location and we thought we’d give it a try. Like, it just opened. NOPE. 2 days later…Pink Eye, fever, and a cold. WTF? And, of course, we have all caught the cold—even my 2 month old. It’s awesome…except, it’s not.

So this meal planning week has soups on the menu because that’s always good. And we may have already run to Starbucks a few times for their medicine ball drink. I’m keeping up with my exercise and meal plan through it all, because that’s how I will get back to my pre-preggo weight and jeans. Today I just finished the last day of my first workout program since baby. I followed the meal guidlines and lost 4 pounds! I’ll take that!

In case you’re curious how I keep track of everything (I am in love with my new planner)…


What meal planning looks like

So, here’s the plan for the week:

Breakfasts: banana oat pancakes, and veggie & egg scrambles.

Snacks: apples with PB. On days I need a protein serving, i’ll mix the PB with ricotta and make a yummy apple dip.

Lunches: Leftover Lentil Tortilla Soup from Saturday, Bruschetta Chicken pasta salad

Shakeology every day with adding spinah to get that serving of veggies in.

Dinners: Crockpot Honey Balsamic Pork Roast with salad and sweet potatoes, Stuffed Peppers, Mexican Style Pizzas (made on whole wheat tortillas), Instant Pot Chicken and Wild Rice Soup, the last crock pot meal from Omaha Steaks that was sent to us, and Chicken Vesuvio with salad for our family dinner on Sunday.


Meal Plan Monday

Here’s what’s on the calendar for this week. After a more indulgent weekend than normal, I’m ready to get back on track.  The funny thing about eating clean 80% of the time, is that I don’t feel guilty for indulging (hello french fries this weekend, and pasta yesterday).  I also find that because I don’t eat “the bad stuff” that often, when I do, I don’t really eat all that much of it.  Like, I don’t overeat, as we tend to do when things are super delicious.  Plus, my next challenge group officially starts today so I want to start off strong.  I posted my “before” pic on Instagram and can’t wait to see the changes in 21 days.  Interested in making some changes with me, just let me know.  We can become stronger together!

Breakfast: Shakes

Snacks: Yogurt with fruit and almonds, string cheese, hummus and veggies

Lunches: Caprese chicken bowls, roasted veggies & bison burgers (patties only).


Monday- Mushroom, Pancetta & Lentil zucchini pasta with toasted almonds

Tuesday- Salmon and Roasted Cauliflower, Broccoli, Sun Dried tomato and Chickpea Salad

Wednesday- Turkey Tacos

Thursday: Honey Teriyaki Drumsticks (made in my Instant Pot) served with cauliflower rice and sweet potatoes

Friday: Pizzas (cheese for the kiddo, and roasted veg for the adults)

Saturday: Take out night

Sunday: Family Dinner

Meal Plan Monday

It’s that time again, so here’s the plan for the week!  I’m trying something new.  A friend who has seen great results with clean eating (no more IBS for her or flare ups, and overall health improvement) is always saying that she has like 4 “sauces” in the fridge at all times to make meal prep and lunches easier.  She homeschools her 3 kiddos and has a 2 year old, so she’s all about making things easy for her and minimal prep during the day.  So, I thought I’d give it a shot…sort of.  Here’s what I’ll be doing this week:

Breakfasts: Avacado toast.  Seriously, I could eat this every. single. day.

Snacks: Hardboiled eggs, hummus and veggies.  There’s also always string cheese and fruit around the house too.  Prep: I made my hummus today and put it into individual containers.  My cheater method for roasted pepper hummus…using this roasted pepper sauce.  It’s been in the fridge from when I did mediterranean bowls for lunches a few weeks ago.  I need to use it up.  Becauce pics of hummus is just boring…here’s a picture of my ingredients.  Yes, everything from Trader Joes.  Note: they now sell tahini paste in a jar.  This tahini sauce is a great alternative.  Or leave it out altogether and just add a bit of sesame oil.  IMG_7596

Lunches: Rainbow Power Salad with Roasted Chickpeas and Chicken Bruschetta Bowls.  The plan and prep for the bowls: roast the chickpeas, make the sauce, and spiralize the veggies (keep all separate until luchtime).  I may have assembled a small bowl just to taste.  Goodness it’s tasty.  That “sauce” is one of my on hand sauces in the fridge this week.

The plan and prep for the bruschetta chicken: Cook chicken with italian spices, make batch of farro.  To assemble my bowls, I’ll just have greens, farro, chicken, and a spoonful or so of Trader Joe’s Bruschetta mix (you can find it in the refrigerated section by the hummus).  It’s another one of the “sauces” I’ll have on hand this week.


Monday: Crispy Sheet Pan Lemon Parmesan Garlic Chicken & Veggies.  It’s a one pan meal, and I’m all about less dishes!

Tuesday: Grilled (indoor because it’s Idaho, and still cold) sausages and Feta and Parmesan Zucchini Bake.  We’ve made this zucchini before and it’s so yummy!

Wednesday: Crockpot Green Enchilada Soup.  I saw this recipe on Pinterest, and it just sounds good.  I’ll sub out greek yogurt for sour cream (as toppings, if needed), etc. There’s no real sub for cream cheese, so I’ll just go with it.  Healthy changes = healthier choices.

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Gyros

Saturday: Take out Night

Sunday: Family Dinner (TBD).

This week doesn’t seem as “healthy” as others, AND I’M OKAY WITH THAT.  It’s all about moderation, right?

What’s on your menu this week?  

Do you keep certain items on hand so you can easily assemble healthy lunches? 

Easter Traditions

Now that my mini is old enough to really understand things, especially holidays, it is tons of fun to start our family traditions!  We’ve done Valentine’s Day projects and a St. Patrick’s Day project, but now it’s time for Easter.  That means Easter bunnies, egg hunts, Easter baskets and time with family.  We did do an Easter egg hunt last year, but she didn’t quite understand what was going on.  This year is a whole new ball game though.  So, the traditions have already started.

Thanks to a friend’s post on Facebook, I got the idea (a.k.a. totally stole her idea) to “plant” jelly beans and water them so they turn into Easter surprises.  Ours turned in to lollipops…which she won’t eat because I have the only kiddo on the planet that doesn’t like sweets.  I got the most colorful jellybeans I could find, and off we went to the grandparent’s house to plant and water them.  Our egg hunt will be in their backyard this year.  So, armed with some jellybeans, and a plastic spoon, she got to digging and planting.  Thank goodness her grandfather, whom she calls “Lolo” came in to help.  That sad plastic spoon her mommy gave her was getting her nowhere.

First we planted them.

Then we watered them.


She went back the next day and watered them again.  Miraculously, by Easter morning not only had they grown into lollipops, but they were also eggs all over the backyard.  Let the Easter egg hunt begin!

She had a BLAST running all over the yard finding all the eggs.  So fun to watch her enjoy life to the fullest!

The egg hunt was so exciting, and so were the sandbox toys that her grandparents got her, she didn’t even blink at the Easter basket goodies we got her, including those ridiculous Kinder Surprise Eggs.  Mental note for next year…give her the Easter basket before the egg hunt at the grandparents.

After the excitement of the hunt it was back home to wait for her other grandma and Aunt to arrive.  It was a family filled Easter with both sets of grandparents and one of her Aunts.  She’s been in Heaven with all the visitors.

Hope you had a great Easter!

What are your Easter traditions?

What do you fill your eggs with? My mini’s were filled with goldfish, bunny graham crackers and pennies for her grandmother’s gumball machine that dispenses the m&m’s she pretends to like but spits out every. single. time.

DIY Addict

My name is Jaime, and I am addicted to DIY projects.  Well, maybe not.  But, kinda.  At least all my projects are “needed”.  This last one is no different.  First, a little background.

When my mini was born, she was almost 8 pounds.  A good size.  She continued to grow and grow, but was always on the petite size, which we loved.  We got GREAT use out of her baby clothes because she stayed in sizes for so long!  When she turned 1, she was still rockin’ the 6-9 month size clothes, and sort of fitting into 9-12.  Which was so funny because she was walking and FALLING and SLIPPING because they don’t make grippies on the feet of 6-9 month clothes.  She, of course, got tons of “winter” clothes at her birthday party.  I say “winter” because they were for San Diego winter.  Nothing like the winter I know now.  We packed them away and thought…soon.  Well, when she was 18 months we moved to Idaho.  She was finally big enough (again, sort of) to fit into these winter/Idaho fall clothes.  Our growing baby meant lots of baby things got packed away.  Well, most of the stuff.

Because she was a petite little monkey, we didn’t stop using the baby hooded towels until she was 2.  Then we transitioned into the toddler hooded towels because, honestly, who doesn’t love a hooded towel?!  Now my mini is 3 and just went though a major growth spurt!  Like, went through her 3T clothes during fall and winter and is ready for 4T.  How did that happen?!  And with this growth spurt, her toddler hooded towels were now too small.  So, what’s a mommy to do?  We love the hooded towels and wrapping her up after bath.  So, to Pinterest I went…

This DIY project was so ridiculously easy.  After reading a few tutorials, I kind of just winged it.  All I needed was 2 bath towels, 1 hand towel and my sewing machine!  This project, from start to finish, took probably 30 minutes.  I got the towels from Target, because Target has everything…and they were on sale.  And, if I ruined this project, I wouldn’t feel bad about the $11 I spent on towels.  The end result was exactly what I was hoping for.  A hooded towel to fit her growing body!  She loved them too!

Under Pressure

I have a love for kitchen gadgets.  Small cooking gadgets, new knives, and even larger cooking appliances.  I have finally embraced the Cuisinart mixer that I got as a wedding gift.  I love my food processor, vacuum sealer, crock pot, NEW rice cooker, and now I have a new cooking gadget.  I have ventured into the world of the pressure cooker and I. LOVE. IT.

I have this one.  It’s called an Instant Pot.  I first saw it in action at my parents house and immediately knew I had to have it.  So, thank you, Black Friday for the great deal.  It is a great addition to my kitchen, and it gets used at least once a week.

Why do I love it?  Well, for me, sometimes it’s hard to stand in the kitchen to make dinner and babysit a pot/pan while my VERY ACTIVE 3 year old wants to play, help, do anything and everything with me.  While I cook with her on a weekly basis, sometimes I need to be in the kitchen cooking.  This thing is a great help.  Just like the crock pot, I can set things to cook and then walk away.  Yes there is prep time, but she helps with that.  Then I can throw things in and have them cook in a fraction of the time than it would have taken stove-top.  Think mac n cheese (4 minute cook time), risotto (7 minute cook time and NO stirring), stews, soups, etc. in just a fraction of the time.  I’m in!  I’ve even made yogurt.  Even the dog gets the benefits too…I make him food every month.

I don’t think I’ve made a bad meal in this thing.  I’ve even put in partially frozen chicken, and it comes out juicy and crock pot tender.  And 1 pot easy clean up.  Seriously, everyone should get one!  I’m sure you’ll see actual pictures of what I made and recipes for them soon!

Have you ever tried a pressure cooker?

Any favorite pressure cooker recipes to try?