Marbled Painting Homework

Yes, you read that right.  HOMEWORK.  My 3 year old had homework last week.  It was fun preschool homework, but still.  I got an email last week from the teacher saying she was sending home a giant paper feather to be decorated however we want.  So, instead of letting her color away with crayons, markers, and decorate with stickers (read: hot mess), I decided to bust out an art project I’ve been wanting to try for a while.  Shaving cream marbled painting.  I’m sure you’ve seen it on Pinterest.  Looks fun, easy, and messy–just what my little ones likes.  

Step one: cover the table to protect it from toddler mess and gather my materials.  I had everything on hand, with the exception of shaving cream.  Had hubby pick up something cheap at the store.  

Spread out the shaving cream (about 1/2 inch thick) on cookie sheet.  Dot with different color paint and let the little one “scribble” with a straw to swirl the colors.  

Once everything was swirled (with a last pass by mommy to make fun designs), it was time to lay the paper down and press into the paint/shaving cream.  

Lift up the paper carefully, let sit for about 30 seconds before taking a straight edge to scrap away the excess shaving cream.  THe paint stays, the shaving cream doesn’t. We did a couple rounds of color combos.  

And some of the finished pieces, including her homework feather page (which has black smudges on it from the marker outline from the teacher):

Definitely a fun project to do again…especially for play dates and the rain/snow days we have coming up he is season.  And, bonus, Sammie’s teacher loved her feather and wants to try thisi painting method in her classroom.  


Owl Wind Wings

I feel like we eat, sleep and breathe PJ Masks around here lately.  My daughter is OBSESSED!  She’s got jammies, a few mommy made shirts, action figures, mommy made dress up masks, etc.  She even runs around the house with her “super cat speed” and uses her “super Gecko muscles” ALL. THE. TIME.  So, when I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween this year (the first year that she has definitively wanted to BE something for Halloween, it was no surprise that she chose Owlette!  Like, she didn’t even hesitate to think when I asked her and screamed it out like I was asking the most ridiculous question on the planet.  Gotta love the 3 year old attitude.  

That’s where the dilemma came for me.  Do I buy a costume, which she will grow out of in no time (she went from 4T in Spring and Summer to 5T/little girls 4/5 in the very beginning of FALL), or do I try to DIY the crap out of one.  Guess what I decided.  That’s right…DIY.  Or, as I like to think, cost effective.  I bought her some red pants which she will wear all Fall and Winter, a $3 red t-shirt from Hobby Lobby and a $7 iron on patch from Etsy.  She already has a mask that we made months and months ago.  But what to do about the wings?  So, off to Pinterest and Etsy I went for inspiration.  There were some elaborate ones, and some not so elaborate.  I just needed to decide how serious I was about this project.  Hint:  not that serious.  My kiddo is not the dress up type.  Yes, she loves them, but she wears the play masks for like 5 minutes, and then puts them aaway.  So, I was looking for something easy and cute.  Something that I wouldn’t care if they got messed up.  Here’s what I came up with.

Materials: felt by the yard in red and pink, pink ribbon (I already had this) and red elastic.  This cost less than $10 thanks to some coupons.  

Process: I measured my little one from the nape of her neck to about her bottom area.  I knew that she would wear these to school so I didn’t want them too long that she sits on them.  Then I free hand drew the shape and cut them out.  No need to sew the edges to prevent fraying, since it’s felt.  

Next I made paper templates of the “feathers” and placed them on to see spacing, sizing, etc.  Again, just by freehand drawing.  Once I had the idea, I cut these shapes out in pink and pinned them in place for sewing.  

Once they were sewn on, I added ribbon to the neck line so she could wear it like a cape, and wrist loops to put on like bracelets so her wings opened. when she lifted her arms.  

All in all it took me about an hour to make this.  And we had one happy Owlette for Halloween! “Owl Wind Wings!”

Doll Carrier

It’s been a while since I got my DIY on, so I thought I’d whip this up one afternoon.  My daughter, at the moment, is really in to playing with dollhouses, and baby dolls.  Especially baby dolls (which she calls her babies).  I think she’s trying to hint for a little brother or sister, but whatever.  We never go anywhere without one.  She has even started bringing them on our errands with us…in the baby doll stroller she has.  You can imagine how quick an errand is with a 3 year old, and it’s even “quicker” when there is a doll stroller involved…or not at all.  So, I thought maybe she could carry her.  I had bought an Ergobaby carrier for dolls a few years ago for a friend, and when I went to trusty Amazon, it said they were discontinued.  So, I looked on Pinterest right quick and saw THIS ONE.  Easy Peasy…and cheap!

She loves it, can take it off by herself and uses it to carry her baby dolls, baby Shrek doll, and even her Spider-Man.  SUCCESS.

Oh, and apparently, my Amazon search wasn’t thorough enough.  They still have Ergobaby doll carriers.  Womp Womp. 

DIY Dollhouse

This past week, my mini and I went to San Diego to visit my brother and my new baby nephew.  Lucky for us, we have lots of friends and family in San Diego.  We got to stay at my in-laws house and that’s where she discovered it…the dollhouse.  There are few things that my mini will play with for hours at a time (or at least an hour straight…which in 3 year old time is forever)–her kitchen and her slime currently top the list.  But this, this was a game changer.  She’s at that fun stage where her imagination runs wild.  She was full dialogue with her dolls (the few she has).  She takes them all over the house in the stroller on errands, to the doctor, etc.  When I saw her playing with this dollhouse every single day for hours at a time I immediately knew we had to get one for her.  So, I did what I normally do…hopped on Amazon to see what the options were.  That’s when I was in for a big shock!

I was just going to buy her the same one that my in-laws had.  It was a good size, folded up when not in use but when folded out had extra rooms.  I think it had something like 6 rooms, a family, furniture for the bathroom, kitchen, and dining room.  Little did I know that each of those things would be separate purchases, that specific dollhouse is no longer made, and something similar with all that stuff would cost me at least $200.  What?!  How?  Why?  I kept up my search…everything that looked good (and not cheap) was so expensive.  So, to Pinterest I went.   There were so many options there, some that probably would have cost more than purchasing something from Amazon/Toys R Us, etc, but man they were pretty.  I fell in love with THIS ONE and especially loved it’s dual purpose for later when dollhouses aren’t so cool.  But, let’s face it, I’m not about to tackle this big project.  So, I came up with the idea to just use those cubby shelves.  And with that a new Pinterest search started, and inspiration hit!

Materials: This cubby shelf, 12 pieces of scrapbook paper (which was on sale for 25 cents each), double stick tape or mod Podge, assorted doll furniture and dolls.

I build the shelves, then started to Mod Podge the paper to the back and “floor”.  Similarly, you could just use double stick tape and get a nicer, smoother finish.  Add in the furniture and voila.  Done!  My mini had lots of fun picking out the paper for the kid bedroom and bathroom.  I picked the rest.  The result…

It still needs some work (more furniture, maybe some rugs), but for under $100, my mini is in LOVE with the results.   She played with it for 3 hours straight…so that is a big success in my book!

Boy variation: each room could be a superhero’s lair, or each room a different place (firehouse, police station, car garage).  The options are endless.  

We’re Going on a Dinoasuar Hunt

We are gearing up for lots and lots of visitors.  This past weekend, my parents made the MOVE from California to Idaho to be closer to us.  I couldn’t be more thrilled, and my mini is in Heaven.  With their move meant a FULL house.  Each drove separately in their car with my Aunt and Uncle to keep them company.  Oh, and the dog.  We can’t forget their dog.  That meant that this weekend we had 6 adults, my mini, and 2 dogs here.  It was a bit crazy.  My parents were able to get their bedroom and everything set up Monday so they are officially in their house.  But, I have to get everything ready again for more visitors this weekend.  That means days at home that are devoted to cleaning and laundry…which means BORED 3 year old.  So, I got crafty!

Prep for visitors started last week, so we took some breaks to do some fun stuff.  Last week we made dinosaur eggs.  These were ingredients we have around the house (coffee grounds, flour, salt, sand, and water).  We stuck some of my mini’s toy dinosaurs in the middle, made eggs of different sizes, and baked them to make them hard.  What was really cool about these eggs was that they are hard on the outside but still soft in the middle, so we can easily break them in half with our hands.  After they baked and cooled, they were painted.  My mini did this all by herself.  Basic white paint, and then colorful dots with q-tips.  They came out really cute.  We let them air-dry some more until this week.


Fast forward to yesterday.  It was a day of errands in the morning, then straight home to do lots of laundry and clean and prep for more visitors.  So, even though we took some breaks to play in our tents and tunnels inside, and play playdoh, and all the other activities a 3 year old wants to do, our dinosaur hunt was the big activity for the day.  During quiet time, I put all our eggs in the backyard for our hunt.  After quiet time was over, the hunt was on.  So, armed with her binoculars (we made these a while ago from toilet paper tubes, a cork, paint, and washi tape), we went hunting!

“Found one, Mommy!”

Once they were all found, it was time to break them open and see what was inside!

Judging by all the laughs, and her excited exclamations of “wow” and “this is so super cool” and “look mommy”, I’d say this was a very successful activity that is sure to be repeated.





Reversible Apron DIY

Do you pin things on Pinterest with the intent to do/make them and then never get to it?  I do…a lot.  Recently I went through and deleted things lots of things.  Things I have made, things I know I’ll never make, or things that just don’t appeal to me anymore.  When I was going through my “sewing” board, I came across the pin for kid reversible aprons.  Since my mini helps me in the kitchen all the time and tends to wipe her hands on her clothes (or even on mine), I decided that this project was a must!  I picked the one that had the least amount of materials and seemed the most idiot proof in the sewing department.  I can sew a straight line, and do basic stuff, but I am no expert.  So I used this pattern.  End result…ADORABLE!  I got my supplies at Walmart and the whole thing cost me less than $5!


 My little kitchen helper LOVES it and happily wears it whenever she helps mommy in the kitchen!


Magic Potions

This week’s “it’s too cold to play outside for too long” activity was making magic potions.  I saw a video on Facebook, showed it to my mini and she was so excited!  So, I gathered all the supplies (which I already have on hand) and got everything set up!  Here we go!


The supplies:

  • white vinegar
  • glitter (of course)
  • food coloring or liquid water colors
  • baking soda
  • dish soap

The directions said to fill up a jar with vinegar, color, glitter, and a squeeze of dish soap and stir together.  Then you just dump in spoon fulls of baking soda.  And let your 3 year old watch in amazement.  Stir it up and it fizzes more.  We’ll definitely do this one again, and you should give it a try too!