Leather Accents

Winter and the holiday season seemed to make things crazy around here.  From November on it seemed like we had visitors every few weeks. Which we love, but also makes for some crazy times.  Add that to the normal hustle andd bustle and it’s hard to get my creative juices going.  But recently, I had the idea to take my crochet business/projects in a different direction.  I thought…why not start incorporating leather.  Leather!  Best idea I’ve had in a long time.  And I’m not stopping at crochet.  Check out the new items.  I will be making more colors and more variations, but it’s a start.  I even think I’ll start selling locally (I get so much interest whenever I’m out wearing and using my pieces).  Best advertising, right?  I got 3 orders just from going to get my hair cut!  Tell me what you think.