Meal Plan Monday

HELLLLOOO!!!  Yes, I have been MIA for a looong time.  I have good reasons.  First, I’ve been mommin’ it hard with my two girls and soaking in this baby stage!  Second, I have been doing a exercise program for the past 74 days and using the accompanying meal plan that goes with it.  I want to maximize my results in this program, so my meals have not been anything exciting or to write home about.  But I have 6 more days left, and this week my nutrition is going to be on point.  I can’t wait to see and share my results.

But, because my oldest gets picked up from school and spends the afternoon with her grandparents, and my youngest is down for a nap, let’s talk about what I have on our menu for dinner this week.  It’s nothing spectacular, but I had a friend tell me she missed my Meal Plan Mondays, so, here you go…

I won’t bore you with my breakfasts, lunches, and snacks because they are boring and predictable as I navigate through this ‘timed nutrition’ that I am doing.  And this last week of my workout program is called “Peak Week” and the nutrition is seriously tightened up and dialed in.  I mean, there are days called ‘deplete days’.  So, yeah.  But, my family can’t eat my way for dinners so I’ll plan for them and adjust for me.

Monday: Fixate Meatloaf, sweet potatoes and salad.  What’s fixate?  It’s the cooking show that comes with my membership for my workouts.  I seriously have not had a bad recipe from there.  Even my 5 year old approves.

Tuesday: Our favorite flank steak with garlic bread and grilled artichokes.  My daughter will seriously eat 3 servings of this steak.  I’ll also have the chimichurri sauce on the side.  If you haven’t made this stuff, do it now. It’s so delicious.


Wednesday: Grilled Pizzas

Thursday: Szechuan ground turkey with green beans

Friday: Mushroom Chicken, brown rice and salad

Saturday: Hubby cooks–it’s his new thing.  He has been cooking on Saturdays for a few weeks now.  He wants to get better at grilling and making us HEALTHY and CLEAN meals.  So far, each one has been delicious.

Sunday: Family dinner.  It’s my parents week to host and I am looking forward to it.  I will finish up my exercise program that morning, so I will be ready for some yummy food!


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