Meal Plan Monday

Another Monday here, and sickness has taken over my house! Last weekend we took our oldest to an indoor trampoline type playground for a little play date. Every single time we go there she gets sick 2 days later. Like really sick. The first time we went she was vomiting 2 days later. Last time, high fever and chills. But they just opened a new location and we thought we’d give it a try. Like, it just opened. NOPE. 2 days later…Pink Eye, fever, and a cold. WTF? And, of course, we have all caught the cold—even my 2 month old. It’s awesome…except, it’s not.

So this meal planning week has soups on the menu because that’s always good. And we may have already run to Starbucks a few times for their medicine ball drink. I’m keeping up with my exercise and meal plan through it all, because that’s how I will get back to my pre-preggo weight and jeans. Today I just finished the last day of my first workout program since baby. I followed the meal guidlines and lost 4 pounds! I’ll take that!

In case you’re curious how I keep track of everything (I am in love with my new planner)…


What meal planning looks like

So, here’s the plan for the week:

Breakfasts: banana oat pancakes, and veggie & egg scrambles.

Snacks: apples with PB. On days I need a protein serving, i’ll mix the PB with ricotta and make a yummy apple dip.

Lunches: Leftover Lentil Tortilla Soup from Saturday, Bruschetta Chicken pasta salad

Shakeology every day with adding spinah to get that serving of veggies in.

Dinners: Crockpot Honey Balsamic Pork Roast with salad and sweet potatoes, Stuffed Peppers, Mexican Style Pizzas (made on whole wheat tortillas), Instant Pot Chicken and Wild Rice Soup, the last crock pot meal from Omaha Steaks that was sent to us, and Chicken Vesuvio with salad for our family dinner on Sunday.


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