Meal Plan Monday

I have a secret…I planned on Sunday. Shhh….don't tell.

We got back from a week long vacation in San Diego late Saturday night. That meant that there was no food in the fridge. Well, there was food, but nothing to really make meals with. My daughter wanted pancakes in bed on Sunday morning, so I sent hubby to the store at 10:45 at night to get milk so I could make said pancakes the next day. Sunday consisted of planning meals and grocery shopping. These are things I usually do on Monday, so I'm a little off. And, *gasp* I went to a regular grocery store instead of my beloved Trader Joe's this week. I'll be back there next week, but I wanted to go get groceries quickly, and Trader Joe's on a weekend is not quick. It felt good to load the cart up with lots and lots of produce in preparation for the week. And, bonus, it was actually a pretty quick trip…aka I didn't wander around lost like I usually do since I rarely go to the regular 'big' grocery store. Anyway, let's get to it…here's what's happening in my kitchen this week.

Sunday: We skipped our usual family dinner with my parents in favor of a mellow night at home. We just picked up our dog from where he was while we were gone and I felt bad about leaving him just for dinner. Plus, my daughter made a request for dinner. She wanted "lasagna soup with elephant ear noodles and garlic bread". I couldn't turn her down after she was so specific. So, our last "splurge" meal of the week was made. I follow THIS RECIPE and it's so yummy. I made a huge arugula salad for me and the hubs to eat prior to the soup so we weren't carb eating that much.

Monday: Sheet Pan Tuscan Chicken Gotta love a one pan meal. Haven't tried this before, but I've got high hopes. It's some of our favorite flavors. I saw it on one of the blogs I read, and was immediately all in. I mean, look at it (picture via I'll keep you posted on how it comes out.

Tuesday: Roasted Veggie Couscous Salad. I am essentially just going to roast up our favorite veggies (or grill up, I haven't decided) and toss them with couscous and some arugula and call it a meal. Dressing will probably be simple lemon juice and olive oil–my go to for any salad or dressing for salads. I will probably toss in a bit of feta cheese too, because feta makes everything better.

Wednesday: This Light Thai Chicken Peanut Flatbread (picture via I made the chicken in the crockpot yesterday and it smelled heavenly in my kitchen. I am also using the chicken in lunches this week–aka quick salad bowls. Nothing goes to waste around here.

Thursday: I'm making that quick 30 minute clean eating chili that I made before. It's tasty and comforting…and easy.

Friday: Leftovers day. Let's face it…I can't cook every single day. And with these meals there are bound to be leftovers.

Saturday: To be determined…we've been wanting to try this Gyro place by us. It's all about the 80/20 balance, right. That being said, I will have stuff on hand to make a giant tasty salad in case we don't feel like take out.

I may be testing out another recipe this week too, so stay tuned!


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