Meal Plan Monday

I’m back.  Nothing special has been happening with my menu’s lately, so I haven’t shared.  Although last week, I did make a killer 20 minute lettuce. Wrap recipe that was gobbled up by everyone…and there were no leftovers!  It’s been a while since that happened.   This week isn’t anything special either, but I’ll share nonetheless.  

Breakfasts: The shakes continue!  Most days accompanied by a piece of toast because I’m super hungry lately.  

Lunches: Leftovers, leftovers, leftovers.  I’ve been trying really hard to make sure they get eaten so we aren’t wasting so much food.  Every feel like you are just throwing away tons of food at the end of the week?  That’s gotta stop.

Snacks: Still loving all the fruit.  It’s been grapes and apples lately.  But today, the plums were calling my name at the grocery store.  


Marinated Flank steak with Grilled artichokes

Grilled sausages and chopped greek salad

Chicken Picatta and salad

Portobello fajitas

Veggie quince and salad
Spotlight recipe on this quick and easy side or lunch.  This was shared by one of my challenge group participants.  It’s a Trader Joe’s ingredients only salad.  You know my deep love for Trader Joe’s so this was right up my alley.  Also, it’s literally 4 ingredients.  You open packages, dump, and mix together.  I can do that!

Middle Eastern Combo Salad

Here’s the ingredients: 

Open ingredients and dump into a bowl.  Juice entire lemon and mix it all together.  It’s a super refreshing salad and is full of flavors that I love!  Make it and tell me what you think!

What’s on your menu this week?

What are you quick and easy recipes?  


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