Meal Plan Monday

Here’s what’s on the calendar for this week. After a more indulgent weekend than normal, I’m ready to get back on track.  The funny thing about eating clean 80% of the time, is that I don’t feel guilty for indulging (hello french fries this weekend, and pasta yesterday).  I also find that because I don’t eat “the bad stuff” that often, when I do, I don’t really eat all that much of it.  Like, I don’t overeat, as we tend to do when things are super delicious.  Plus, my next challenge group officially starts today so I want to start off strong.  I posted my “before” pic on Instagram and can’t wait to see the changes in 21 days.  Interested in making some changes with me, just let me know.  We can become stronger together!

Breakfast: Shakes

Snacks: Yogurt with fruit and almonds, string cheese, hummus and veggies

Lunches: Caprese chicken bowls, roasted veggies & bison burgers (patties only).


Monday- Mushroom, Pancetta & Lentil zucchini pasta with toasted almonds

Tuesday- Salmon and Roasted Cauliflower, Broccoli, Sun Dried tomato and Chickpea Salad

Wednesday- Turkey Tacos

Thursday: Honey Teriyaki Drumsticks (made in my Instant Pot) served with cauliflower rice and sweet potatoes

Friday: Pizzas (cheese for the kiddo, and roasted veg for the adults)

Saturday: Take out night

Sunday: Family Dinner


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