Owl Wind Wings

I feel like we eat, sleep and breathe PJ Masks around here lately.  My daughter is OBSESSED!  She’s got jammies, a few mommy made shirts, action figures, mommy made dress up masks, etc.  She even runs around the house with her “super cat speed” and uses her “super Gecko muscles” ALL. THE. TIME.  So, when I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween this year (the first year that she has definitively wanted to BE something for Halloween, it was no surprise that she chose Owlette!  Like, she didn’t even hesitate to think when I asked her and screamed it out like I was asking the most ridiculous question on the planet.  Gotta love the 3 year old attitude.  

That’s where the dilemma came for me.  Do I buy a costume, which she will grow out of in no time (she went from 4T in Spring and Summer to 5T/little girls 4/5 in the very beginning of FALL), or do I try to DIY the crap out of one.  Guess what I decided.  That’s right…DIY.  Or, as I like to think, cost effective.  I bought her some red pants which she will wear all Fall and Winter, a $3 red t-shirt from Hobby Lobby and a $7 iron on patch from Etsy.  She already has a mask that we made months and months ago.  But what to do about the wings?  So, off to Pinterest and Etsy I went for inspiration.  There were some elaborate ones, and some not so elaborate.  I just needed to decide how serious I was about this project.  Hint:  not that serious.  My kiddo is not the dress up type.  Yes, she loves them, but she wears the play masks for like 5 minutes, and then puts them aaway.  So, I was looking for something easy and cute.  Something that I wouldn’t care if they got messed up.  Here’s what I came up with.

Materials: felt by the yard in red and pink, pink ribbon (I already had this) and red elastic.  This cost less than $10 thanks to some coupons.  

Process: I measured my little one from the nape of her neck to about her bottom area.  I knew that she would wear these to school so I didn’t want them too long that she sits on them.  Then I free hand drew the shape and cut them out.  No need to sew the edges to prevent fraying, since it’s felt.  

Next I made paper templates of the “feathers” and placed them on to see spacing, sizing, etc.  Again, just by freehand drawing.  Once I had the idea, I cut these shapes out in pink and pinned them in place for sewing.  

Once they were sewn on, I added ribbon to the neck line so she could wear it like a cape, and wrist loops to put on like bracelets so her wings opened. when she lifted her arms.  

All in all it took me about an hour to make this.  And we had one happy Owlette for Halloween! “Owl Wind Wings!”


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