DIY Dollhouse

This past week, my mini and I went to San Diego to visit my brother and my new baby nephew.  Lucky for us, we have lots of friends and family in San Diego.  We got to stay at my in-laws house and that’s where she discovered it…the dollhouse.  There are few things that my mini will play with for hours at a time (or at least an hour straight…which in 3 year old time is forever)–her kitchen and her slime currently top the list.  But this, this was a game changer.  She’s at that fun stage where her imagination runs wild.  She was full dialogue with her dolls (the few she has).  She takes them all over the house in the stroller on errands, to the doctor, etc.  When I saw her playing with this dollhouse every single day for hours at a time I immediately knew we had to get one for her.  So, I did what I normally do…hopped on Amazon to see what the options were.  That’s when I was in for a big shock!

I was just going to buy her the same one that my in-laws had.  It was a good size, folded up when not in use but when folded out had extra rooms.  I think it had something like 6 rooms, a family, furniture for the bathroom, kitchen, and dining room.  Little did I know that each of those things would be separate purchases, that specific dollhouse is no longer made, and something similar with all that stuff would cost me at least $200.  What?!  How?  Why?  I kept up my search…everything that looked good (and not cheap) was so expensive.  So, to Pinterest I went.   There were so many options there, some that probably would have cost more than purchasing something from Amazon/Toys R Us, etc, but man they were pretty.  I fell in love with THIS ONE and especially loved it’s dual purpose for later when dollhouses aren’t so cool.  But, let’s face it, I’m not about to tackle this big project.  So, I came up with the idea to just use those cubby shelves.  And with that a new Pinterest search started, and inspiration hit!

Materials: This cubby shelf, 12 pieces of scrapbook paper (which was on sale for 25 cents each), double stick tape or mod Podge, assorted doll furniture and dolls.

I build the shelves, then started to Mod Podge the paper to the back and “floor”.  Similarly, you could just use double stick tape and get a nicer, smoother finish.  Add in the furniture and voila.  Done!  My mini had lots of fun picking out the paper for the kid bedroom and bathroom.  I picked the rest.  The result…

It still needs some work (more furniture, maybe some rugs), but for under $100, my mini is in LOVE with the results.   She played with it for 3 hours straight…so that is a big success in my book!

Boy variation: each room could be a superhero’s lair, or each room a different place (firehouse, police station, car garage).  The options are endless.  


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