Upcycled Leftovers

This past weekend we had friends from San Diego come to visit us.  Wish the weather was as beautiful as it has been since the day they left, but that’s not what the weekend was for.  It was for catching up, “relaxing” (well, as much as you can with two 3 year olds, a 1 year old and a dog running around), and enjoying some time together.  That also meant easy meals at home, eating out, and LOTS of wine and beer.  

The first night, I made things easy and did a little BBQ action.  Hamburgers and grilled veggies for the kids, and hot-dogs and fruit for the kiddos.  The following night was easy mac & cheese for the kiddos, and then after the kid went to sleep an awesome meat & cheese board was created to go with some delicious wine.  The last and final night was take-out pizza.  That means there are leftovers in my fridge…and a need in my mind to get back to our mindful and healthy eating.  But, I don’t want to waste any food.  So, I try to get creative and upcycle leftovers into side dishes, or whatever else I can think of.  And, for dinner last night that’s exactly what I did.  

On last night’s menu was baked salmon in a lemon and white wine sauce, grilled artichokes (had a few leftover from last week), and upcycled grilled veggie orzo salad.  The orzo salad was a hit with the hubby, as he isn’t one for leftovers.  It was actually a variation of one that we do often, but with the items we have on hand.  And it came out beautiful and delicious!  The ingredients were simple…orzo, chopped grilled veggies (leftover from burger night), tomatoes, roasted garlic and goat cheese (both leftover from cheese board), lemon juice and olive oil.  Not a bit left, and a little of the leftovers from my fridge have disappeared.  



How do you deal with leftovers?  Eat them as they are (which I am more than fine with doing), upcycle them, or put them in the fridge and forget about it them until it’s too late? 


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