Sunglasses Storage

Is it just me or am I doing a freakin’ DIY project every single week.  Last week, it was revamping my fruit basket situation in the kitchen.  The week before it was staining our new trash can cabinet (which came out amazing).  This weekend, I had to get this one done…my DIY sunglasses storage.

I have been looking on Etsy for a while now for a great way to hold ALL my sunglasses.  It just isn’t practical to keep them in the ginormous cases that they come with, and I have different glasses for different occasions (too much?).  I found some really great ideas on Etsy and was more than willing to support a small business owner, but then I decided to just do it myself.  

So, about $12 later, this little creation lives on the wall of my “command center” inside my pantry.  Perfect!

How’d I do it?  Easy Peasy and it took me about 10 minutes.  

* Rectangle Canvas (thought about wood, but ended up with this for the ease of hanging it on the wall).

* Washi Tape in a fun color that coordinates with my kitchen

* Mod Podge

* White craft rope

I had most of this on hand, which is why it was $12.  If you have to go out and buy it, it may cost you up to $20-$25 depending on if you have those coupons from Hobby Lobby or Michaels.  I just spaced out my washi tape how I liked it.  No measuring for me, just eyeballed it.  I covered the whole thing with Mod Podge to set it.  Once it was done I stapled my craft rope in place.  I threw some 3M picture hanging strips on the back and stuck it up on the wall.  Done and done!  Fun and functional.

Do you have an abundance of sunglasses?  Where do you keep them? 

PS.  Is it scary that I have another pair on my wish list?  


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