Easter Traditions

Now that my mini is old enough to really understand things, especially holidays, it is tons of fun to start our family traditions!  We’ve done Valentine’s Day projects and a St. Patrick’s Day project, but now it’s time for Easter.  That means Easter bunnies, egg hunts, Easter baskets and time with family.  We did do an Easter egg hunt last year, but she didn’t quite understand what was going on.  This year is a whole new ball game though.  So, the traditions have already started.

Thanks to a friend’s post on Facebook, I got the idea (a.k.a. totally stole her idea) to “plant” jelly beans and water them so they turn into Easter surprises.  Ours turned in to lollipops…which she won’t eat because I have the only kiddo on the planet that doesn’t like sweets.  I got the most colorful jellybeans I could find, and off we went to the grandparent’s house to plant and water them.  Our egg hunt will be in their backyard this year.  So, armed with some jellybeans, and a plastic spoon, she got to digging and planting.  Thank goodness her grandfather, whom she calls “Lolo” came in to help.  That sad plastic spoon her mommy gave her was getting her nowhere.

First we planted them.

Then we watered them.


She went back the next day and watered them again.  Miraculously, by Easter morning not only had they grown into lollipops, but they were also eggs all over the backyard.  Let the Easter egg hunt begin!

She had a BLAST running all over the yard finding all the eggs.  So fun to watch her enjoy life to the fullest!

The egg hunt was so exciting, and so were the sandbox toys that her grandparents got her, she didn’t even blink at the Easter basket goodies we got her, including those ridiculous Kinder Surprise Eggs.  Mental note for next year…give her the Easter basket before the egg hunt at the grandparents.

After the excitement of the hunt it was back home to wait for her other grandma and Aunt to arrive.  It was a family filled Easter with both sets of grandparents and one of her Aunts.  She’s been in Heaven with all the visitors.

Hope you had a great Easter!

What are your Easter traditions?

What do you fill your eggs with? My mini’s were filled with goldfish, bunny graham crackers and pennies for her grandmother’s gumball machine that dispenses the m&m’s she pretends to like but spits out every. single. time.


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