We’re Going on a Dinoasuar Hunt

We are gearing up for lots and lots of visitors.  This past weekend, my parents made the MOVE from California to Idaho to be closer to us.  I couldn’t be more thrilled, and my mini is in Heaven.  With their move meant a FULL house.  Each drove separately in their car with my Aunt and Uncle to keep them company.  Oh, and the dog.  We can’t forget their dog.  That meant that this weekend we had 6 adults, my mini, and 2 dogs here.  It was a bit crazy.  My parents were able to get their bedroom and everything set up Monday so they are officially in their house.  But, I have to get everything ready again for more visitors this weekend.  That means days at home that are devoted to cleaning and laundry…which means BORED 3 year old.  So, I got crafty!

Prep for visitors started last week, so we took some breaks to do some fun stuff.  Last week we made dinosaur eggs.  These were ingredients we have around the house (coffee grounds, flour, salt, sand, and water).  We stuck some of my mini’s toy dinosaurs in the middle, made eggs of different sizes, and baked them to make them hard.  What was really cool about these eggs was that they are hard on the outside but still soft in the middle, so we can easily break them in half with our hands.  After they baked and cooled, they were painted.  My mini did this all by herself.  Basic white paint, and then colorful dots with q-tips.  They came out really cute.  We let them air-dry some more until this week.


Fast forward to yesterday.  It was a day of errands in the morning, then straight home to do lots of laundry and clean and prep for more visitors.  So, even though we took some breaks to play in our tents and tunnels inside, and play playdoh, and all the other activities a 3 year old wants to do, our dinosaur hunt was the big activity for the day.  During quiet time, I put all our eggs in the backyard for our hunt.  After quiet time was over, the hunt was on.  So, armed with her binoculars (we made these a while ago from toilet paper tubes, a cork, paint, and washi tape), we went hunting!

“Found one, Mommy!”

Once they were all found, it was time to break them open and see what was inside!

Judging by all the laughs, and her excited exclamations of “wow” and “this is so super cool” and “look mommy”, I’d say this was a very successful activity that is sure to be repeated.






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