DIY Addict

My name is Jaime, and I am addicted to DIY projects.  Well, maybe not.  But, kinda.  At least all my projects are “needed”.  This last one is no different.  First, a little background.

When my mini was born, she was almost 8 pounds.  A good size.  She continued to grow and grow, but was always on the petite size, which we loved.  We got GREAT use out of her baby clothes because she stayed in sizes for so long!  When she turned 1, she was still rockin’ the 6-9 month size clothes, and sort of fitting into 9-12.  Which was so funny because she was walking and FALLING and SLIPPING because they don’t make grippies on the feet of 6-9 month clothes.  She, of course, got tons of “winter” clothes at her birthday party.  I say “winter” because they were for San Diego winter.  Nothing like the winter I know now.  We packed them away and thought…soon.  Well, when she was 18 months we moved to Idaho.  She was finally big enough (again, sort of) to fit into these winter/Idaho fall clothes.  Our growing baby meant lots of baby things got packed away.  Well, most of the stuff.

Because she was a petite little monkey, we didn’t stop using the baby hooded towels until she was 2.  Then we transitioned into the toddler hooded towels because, honestly, who doesn’t love a hooded towel?!  Now my mini is 3 and just went though a major growth spurt!  Like, went through her 3T clothes during fall and winter and is ready for 4T.  How did that happen?!  And with this growth spurt, her toddler hooded towels were now too small.  So, what’s a mommy to do?  We love the hooded towels and wrapping her up after bath.  So, to Pinterest I went…

This DIY project was so ridiculously easy.  After reading a few tutorials, I kind of just winged it.  All I needed was 2 bath towels, 1 hand towel and my sewing machine!  This project, from start to finish, took probably 30 minutes.  I got the towels from Target, because Target has everything…and they were on sale.  And, if I ruined this project, I wouldn’t feel bad about the $11 I spent on towels.  The end result was exactly what I was hoping for.  A hooded towel to fit her growing body!  She loved them too!


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