Reversible Apron DIY

Do you pin things on Pinterest with the intent to do/make them and then never get to it?  I do…a lot.  Recently I went through and deleted things lots of things.  Things I have made, things I know I’ll never make, or things that just don’t appeal to me anymore.  When I was going through my “sewing” board, I came across the pin for kid reversible aprons.  Since my mini helps me in the kitchen all the time and tends to wipe her hands on her clothes (or even on mine), I decided that this project was a must!  I picked the one that had the least amount of materials and seemed the most idiot proof in the sewing department.  I can sew a straight line, and do basic stuff, but I am no expert.  So I used this pattern.  End result…ADORABLE!  I got my supplies at Walmart and the whole thing cost me less than $5!


 My little kitchen helper LOVES it and happily wears it whenever she helps mommy in the kitchen!



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