Under Pressure

I have a love for kitchen gadgets.  Small cooking gadgets, new knives, and even larger cooking appliances.  I have finally embraced the Cuisinart mixer that I got as a wedding gift.  I love my food processor, vacuum sealer, crock pot, NEW rice cooker, and now I have a new cooking gadget.  I have ventured into the world of the pressure cooker and I. LOVE. IT.

I have this one.  It’s called an Instant Pot.  I first saw it in action at my parents house and immediately knew I had to have it.  So, thank you, Black Friday for the great deal.  It is a great addition to my kitchen, and it gets used at least once a week.

Why do I love it?  Well, for me, sometimes it’s hard to stand in the kitchen to make dinner and babysit a pot/pan while my VERY ACTIVE 3 year old wants to play, help, do anything and everything with me.  While I cook with her on a weekly basis, sometimes I need to be in the kitchen cooking.  This thing is a great help.  Just like the crock pot, I can set things to cook and then walk away.  Yes there is prep time, but she helps with that.  Then I can throw things in and have them cook in a fraction of the time than it would have taken stove-top.  Think mac n cheese (4 minute cook time), risotto (7 minute cook time and NO stirring), stews, soups, etc. in just a fraction of the time.  I’m in!  I’ve even made yogurt.  Even the dog gets the benefits too…I make him food every month.

I don’t think I’ve made a bad meal in this thing.  I’ve even put in partially frozen chicken, and it comes out juicy and crock pot tender.  And 1 pot easy clean up.  Seriously, everyone should get one!  I’m sure you’ll see actual pictures of what I made and recipes for them soon!

Have you ever tried a pressure cooker?

Any favorite pressure cooker recipes to try?



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