We have 37 windows in our house…37!  Well, 39 if you count the 2 little windows in our front door.  And that doesn’t include the back door that is almost all glass, and the office doors that are also almost all glass.  That means a LOT of window treatments/shades/blinds, whatever you want to call them.  When we moved in, we immediately purchased and had our window treatments installed because, even though we were 1 of 2 houses on our street with corn fields around us, there will be more houses built and we like our privacy (and also to not be blinded by the sun at certain hours of the day).  The treatments we chose are great, but the window spaces themselves are BORING.  Other than my mini’s room (she has blackout curtains in front of her blackout shades…to much?), we have done nothing else to the windows.  They. Are. Plain.

Enter in Pinterest and another DIY project.

I looked and looked.  I’m not a curtains person, but they just needed something.  A valence, a roman shade (which he have on the glass doors of our house), a cornice, something.  PS.  Why do I know what all these are now?  Then I found it.  It’s cheap, it looks easy, and is just enough to make our windows more interesting.  I found this tutorial (so not $10 for me) and off to the store I went.  Let me know what you think.


  • foam board ($9-I used two for this project and have some leftover)-I got mine at Hobby Lobby, but they have the SAME stuff at Dollar Tree
  • quilting batting ($6)
  • material of choice ($25-I used a curtain panel that I got on sale at Kohls)
  • duct tape
  • staple gun & staples (totally not necessary, but I have one at home)
  • 3M picture hanging strips

I got started with cutting and assembling my valence.  Isn’t the duct tape classy?


I got to wrapping and stapling the fabric and batting.


And done!  I attached the 3m picture hanging strips to the back so I can take them down easily and vacuum the dust out.  And done! (sorry for the horrible picture…it just doesn’t do the bright aqua color justice).  I am so happy with how it came out!



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