Reversible Apron DIY

Do you pin things on Pinterest with the intent to do/make them and then never get to it?  I do…a lot.  Recently I went through and deleted things lots of things.  Things I have made, things I know I’ll never make, or things that just don’t appeal to me anymore.  When I was going through my “sewing” board, I came across the pin for kid reversible aprons.  Since my mini helps me in the kitchen all the time and tends to wipe her hands on her clothes (or even on mine), I decided that this project was a must!  I picked the one that had the least amount of materials and seemed the most idiot proof in the sewing department.  I can sew a straight line, and do basic stuff, but I am no expert.  So I used this pattern.  End result…ADORABLE!  I got my supplies at Walmart and the whole thing cost me less than $5!


 My little kitchen helper LOVES it and happily wears it whenever she helps mommy in the kitchen!



Under Pressure

I have a love for kitchen gadgets.  Small cooking gadgets, new knives, and even larger cooking appliances.  I have finally embraced the Cuisinart mixer that I got as a wedding gift.  I love my food processor, vacuum sealer, crock pot, NEW rice cooker, and now I have a new cooking gadget.  I have ventured into the world of the pressure cooker and I. LOVE. IT.

I have this one.  It’s called an Instant Pot.  I first saw it in action at my parents house and immediately knew I had to have it.  So, thank you, Black Friday for the great deal.  It is a great addition to my kitchen, and it gets used at least once a week.

Why do I love it?  Well, for me, sometimes it’s hard to stand in the kitchen to make dinner and babysit a pot/pan while my VERY ACTIVE 3 year old wants to play, help, do anything and everything with me.  While I cook with her on a weekly basis, sometimes I need to be in the kitchen cooking.  This thing is a great help.  Just like the crock pot, I can set things to cook and then walk away.  Yes there is prep time, but she helps with that.  Then I can throw things in and have them cook in a fraction of the time than it would have taken stove-top.  Think mac n cheese (4 minute cook time), risotto (7 minute cook time and NO stirring), stews, soups, etc. in just a fraction of the time.  I’m in!  I’ve even made yogurt.  Even the dog gets the benefits too…I make him food every month.

I don’t think I’ve made a bad meal in this thing.  I’ve even put in partially frozen chicken, and it comes out juicy and crock pot tender.  And 1 pot easy clean up.  Seriously, everyone should get one!  I’m sure you’ll see actual pictures of what I made and recipes for them soon!

Have you ever tried a pressure cooker?

Any favorite pressure cooker recipes to try?


Meal Planning

For many, many years, I have been meal planning every week.   My friends used to think it was hilarious, now they are on board with the idea…especially once you have kids.  So, every Sunday or Monday morning I sit down with my grocery list, recipes in my head, and Pinterest and I plan our weekly dinners.  I only plan dinners since that’s what we eat together as a family.  So, for this week, here’s the plan:

Monday: Lasagna and Salad

Tuesday: Creamy Lemon Chicken (made in my Instant Pot) with veggies and rice/cauliflower rice 

Wednesday: Leftover

Thursday: Greek Chicken Salad

Friday: Thai Chicken Meatballs with Peanut Sauceover Zoodles

Saturday: Eat out (we have dog training until 6

Sunday: Roasted Veggies and Sausage (Pineapple Bacon–from Costco)
What’s on your menu?

Valentine’s “treats”

When I was a kid, I remember how fun Valentines Day was at school. A classroom party, fun valentines to pass out, and ALL THE CANDY! When I was in the classroom, I loved the idea of Valentines Day treats for the kiddos, but not really the reality of it (hello sugar high). Now that my mini is in preschool, and her Valentine’s Day party is approaching, I wanted to do something different. Not because I don’t like the idea of the treats of candy but, really, because she’ll get enough of that from her classmates AND my mini doesn’t like candy…or sweets. Surely she’s not the only one (even though I think she is) that thinks, “this is so yucky”. So, I had to come up with some other fun stuff.

This is where I search Pinterest, and see what I have in my old classroom supplies in the garage. A quick Amazon order, and a raid of my fun decoration/craft/art supplies, we have a fun candy free Valentine for her friends at school!

Here’s what I did: Cute saying printed on a heart, mounted onto colorful foam sheet and cut out into heart shape with fancy scissors.  I taped it to a lollipop stick, and added the Love, Sammie sticker tag.  I had all of these supplies in my stash.  I then just filled a plastic mini flower pot with crinkle paper (again, I already had this), stuck in our heart “flower” and included our seed paper Valentine.  I got the pots and seed paper Valentine from Amazon.  Cheap…easy…cute…and candy free.  I just put it into a cute little bag so she can pass them out.



The little seed paper valentines even have the directions on the back of how to plant them.  Cute, right?


What do you do for your kiddos class Valentines?


Are you a DIY or buy at the store type of person?





Magic Potions

This week’s “it’s too cold to play outside for too long” activity was making magic potions.  I saw a video on Facebook, showed it to my mini and she was so excited!  So, I gathered all the supplies (which I already have on hand) and got everything set up!  Here we go!


The supplies:

  • white vinegar
  • glitter (of course)
  • food coloring or liquid water colors
  • baking soda
  • dish soap

The directions said to fill up a jar with vinegar, color, glitter, and a squeeze of dish soap and stir together.  Then you just dump in spoon fulls of baking soda.  And let your 3 year old watch in amazement.  Stir it up and it fizzes more.  We’ll definitely do this one again, and you should give it a try too!



We have 37 windows in our house…37!  Well, 39 if you count the 2 little windows in our front door.  And that doesn’t include the back door that is almost all glass, and the office doors that are also almost all glass.  That means a LOT of window treatments/shades/blinds, whatever you want to call them.  When we moved in, we immediately purchased and had our window treatments installed because, even though we were 1 of 2 houses on our street with corn fields around us, there will be more houses built and we like our privacy (and also to not be blinded by the sun at certain hours of the day).  The treatments we chose are great, but the window spaces themselves are BORING.  Other than my mini’s room (she has blackout curtains in front of her blackout shades…to much?), we have done nothing else to the windows.  They. Are. Plain.

Enter in Pinterest and another DIY project.

I looked and looked.  I’m not a curtains person, but they just needed something.  A valence, a roman shade (which he have on the glass doors of our house), a cornice, something.  PS.  Why do I know what all these are now?  Then I found it.  It’s cheap, it looks easy, and is just enough to make our windows more interesting.  I found this tutorial (so not $10 for me) and off to the store I went.  Let me know what you think.


  • foam board ($9-I used two for this project and have some leftover)-I got mine at Hobby Lobby, but they have the SAME stuff at Dollar Tree
  • quilting batting ($6)
  • material of choice ($25-I used a curtain panel that I got on sale at Kohls)
  • duct tape
  • staple gun & staples (totally not necessary, but I have one at home)
  • 3M picture hanging strips

I got started with cutting and assembling my valence.  Isn’t the duct tape classy?


I got to wrapping and stapling the fabric and batting.


And done!  I attached the 3m picture hanging strips to the back so I can take them down easily and vacuum the dust out.  And done! (sorry for the horrible picture…it just doesn’t do the bright aqua color justice).  I am so happy with how it came out!