Sous Chef

I, seriously, typed “Sioux” first and then had to rethink that.  Geez.  Anyway, moving on…

At least once a week I cook with my mini.  Sometimes we bake, sometimes she helps with pancakes (to which she is a pro at mixing), sometimes it’s prepping crock pot dinners.  Whatever it is, it’s hands on, and she loves it.  We talk about measuring, practice counting and talk about the ingredients.  So, today, when she asked for pizza for lunch AGAIN, we got to cooking.  I told her she was going to help mommy make pizza and she RAN and got her stool yelling, “I’m so excited, mommy!”

Sometimes I make my own pizza dough (crazy, I know), most times we buy it from Trader Joe’s.  Today was even easier.  Crescent rolls to the rescue!  First, I opened up the canister and took half of them out for her to roll out a little (can you tell this isn’t her first time with that rolling pin?).


Next, she added sauce and sprinkled on the cheese…and ate half of it while she was working.


Then she rolled it up and got it ready for mommy to cut.


She was so proud of what she made.  Can you tell?


And the best part?  She did not leave anything on her plate at lunch!  That’s a mom win, for sure.


Do you cook with your kiddos?  What do you like making together?


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