I finally did it!

After months and months of friends telling me that I needed to open up an  Etsy shop, and after months and months of being on the fence about it, I finally did it!  What prompted me to actually take the plunge and try to sell my creations on Etsy?  Well, a few posts on Facebook of what I have been making, let to some people wanting to pay me (like actual money) to make things for them.  That started in October.  By December, and the rush of Christmas, I had made over 20 mermaid tail blankets, shark blankets, dragon blankets, and even an orca thrown in there for good measure.  These were all for friends, and then eventually friends of friends.  And then the interest just grew and grew.

So, with my mediocre photography skills, and my crochet hook, I created items for a shop.  Right now it is just my most popular pieces, with the option to custom order items.  I still have the Facebook page I created too that has everything I’ve done, or am willing to make again (hello R2D2 blanket, I’m talking about you…never again).  But maybe, just maybe, I can create a little business for myself.  You know…with all my “free” time.

I’m already off to a good start, I think.  Lots of “conversations” on Etsy about special orders, and even an order here and there.  I may just like this new venture. .


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