DIY Slime

As a teacher, one of the things that was always dreaded was “rainy day recess” schedule.  That meant the kiddos were trapped inside.  “Recess” was inside.  Lunch was inside.  Energy was contained in one school classroom.  All. Day. Long.  Those were the longest days.  After leaving the classroom, I didn’t have to worry about this…or so I thought.

Enter Idaho.  Our move from San Diego to Idaho meant that there are not only rainy days, but SNOW days.  Days where we stay inside because it’s too wet, too cold, to snowy, or all of the above.  With an active 3 year old, this can be a challenge.  Sure, we have tons of toys she loves playing with, but sometimes that’s not enough.  Even our big house, with room to ride her balance bike in isn’t enough.  That’s when mommy needs to get creative.  We do science experiments, art projects, cooking, baking…anything that is interactive and FUN.  Lucky for me, my mini can communicate what she wants to do now.  The other day she requested that we make slime!  A quick Pinterest search, and I had the recipe.  So, while she was at preschool, I ran out to get all our supplies so we could have some fun!  I had most of the supplies already, but the others I grabbed super quick at WalMart.

After we ate lunch (I told my mini we had to eat lunch before making slime and I’ve never seen her eat so fast in my life), we got to making our rainy day, ocean slime.

In a bowl, we added the glue.

We added the color and glitter…lots of glitter.

Then we added the starch

And we mixed and mixed until we got the right slimy consistency.


We made a few more colors, and in a little less than 30 minutes, I had a happy girl who loved stretching and touching and playing with her new batch of ocean slime.  It looked super cool as we mixed the 3 colors together, but now is just one solid blue color.  She doesn’t care.  She’ll spend an hour at a time playing with it.  We added sharks, and even Elsa and Anna have taken some turns in the slime.  We grabbed our play-doh cutters and molds, and the imagination is flowing!  Unlike other slime I have made (usually with borax and white school glue), this one is still stretchy and slimy and fun 3 days later.  We keep in in a ziploc bag at night.  And it’s ready for more slimy fun whenever she is ready.  She’s already requesting pink, and purple.  I better go get some more supplies.



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